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Products and services for the highest of demands

Transport technology and fastening technology

TITGEMEYER Group is one of the leading fastening technology and vehicle component companies around the world. Some 500 qualified employees develop, produce and sell carefully-tested products and branch-specific solutions.

High quality standards

Safety, cost-effectiveness and environmental compatibility – the TITGEMEYER name has been synonymous with these for over 110 years. Our transport technology range comprises, among other things, body kits, chassis technology products, bodywork components, and systems as well as an extensive range of commercial items. Our fastening technology products include blind rivets, threaded inserts and assembly systems, as well as sealants and adhesives, plus state-of-the art matching installation tools.

A dependable, regional employer

Individual customer service, flexible production and on-time deliveries make TITGEMEYER a dependable partner for trade and industry alike. The company is an equally dependable employer for its many employees and is very committed to offering training opportunities, but also to production techniques, quality assurance, administration, logistics and warehousing.

Outstanding training opportunities

As a company providing training opportunities for management assistants in wholesale and export trade, management information systems assistants and for warehouse logistics specialists, TITGEMEYER offers a wealth of expertise and the best-possible job prospects. Together with vocational schools and universities of applied science, the company offers a number of future-safe apprenticeships and further training courses.

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