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Quality for the very start

At Cirteq, quality has a number of meanings. First and foremost, it is the guiding principle that determines everything that we do. But, so, too, does the quality of our products, which is reflected in our adherence to tolerances, for example. Then, there is the quality of service that you can sense in every step - from the initial consultancy to the ultimate delivery of the product.

Quality is at the heart of all we do

We are so convinced of our quality being the central focus of all we do that we chose our ERP software on this very basis. This demonstrates that it is not only firmly entrenched in our heads but also in our systems and processes.

We know that our circlips are installed in vital core areas of your applications and we're constantly aware of the responsibility that comes with this. Even though our products are just a small component of the bigger picture, they play a crucial role and ensure that your entire system runs reliably and dependably.

Certified quality

To document our exacting quality standards and thus gain entry into the most demanding sectors of industry, we made a decision to acquire comprehensive certification. This enables us to verify our high quality standards in black and white.

One example of this is our IATF 16949:2016 certification, the quality management system of choice in the automotive industry, whose standards and demands we repeatedly surpass.

Seeing is believing

Our facility regularly undergoes customer audits during which our performance and efficiency are put through their paces. And, in every audit, we are given the highest ratings.

Quality advice pays off

We want to be seen as more than just your partner, which is why we offer added value from the very beginning - because you can benefit from our experience and expertise right from the design phase, including on your site. Whether its our metallurgists helping you select materials based on their corrosion resistance, functionality or service life, or our design engineers offering recommendations, or our specialists assisting in the manufacturing planning of products, we are there when you need us.