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Snaprings (M2400/M2300)

For shafts and bores with small clearance.

  • Gear box construction
  • Retention of bearings and seals

Our unrivalled design expertise together with a unique combination of manufacturing and testing procedures ensures that the Cirteq Circlip remains the supreme Circlip on the market. In our on-going quest for innovation, and excellence in customer service, we were the first to supply product stacked, gap aligned and shrink wrapped for automatic assembly. 

Circlips ( also commercially known as Retaining Ring / Snaprings) are fasteners with numerous applications. The applications mentioned above could quite easily be supplemented by a multitude of more specialised uses. 

We also specialise in the manufacture of Rings to our Customers own specifications. If you have any queries, or require technical assistance contact your Cirteq customer service partner using the number shown.