Gebäude Cirteq

Our facility in Glusburn Production of fastener elements and circlips

Around an hour's drive north-east of Manchester, in North Yorkshire is where you'll find
our Cirteq Ltd. facility.

A workforce of over 250 employees there is responsible for manufacturing some 4,000 different products all told. These include standard rings, circlips, radial assembly rings, rings for compensating axial play and snap rings. All these are put to use in the following sectors, among others: automotive industry, wind power industry, mechanical engineering, heavy-duty & construction vehicles, agricultural machinery and specialised trades.

Cirteq Ltd. was established in 1939 and has been a member of Titgemeyer Group since 2019.

In 2020, Baker & Finnemore Ltd. and Cirteq Ltd. merged.

Under our Starlock© brand, we sell and distribute a wide selection of spring steel lockbolts as well as the matching installation tools.  Aside from producing in series, our employees also cater to your individual requirements.

Every year, Starlock® lockbolts are used in some 50 countries across all continents.

We also manufacture bespoke precision pressings under the brand name Starpress.

Cirteq Ltd.

‘Hayfield’ Colne Road,
Glusburn, Keighley,
West Yorkshire BD20 8QP, Great Britain

T +44 1535 633333