POLYSTIC® cable clips

Plastic cable clips for manual assembly. Available in part as adhesive backed clips for fitting without holes. The clips are non-corrosive and will not damage varnished surfaces.

POLYSTIC® cable ties

Easy to open and reusable, these plastic cable ties can bundle several cables in seconds.

POLYSTIC® assembly systems

The convincing combination of stud welding apparatus, basic retaining elements and plastic clips opens up new fields of fastening technology.


POLYSTIC plastic hole-sealing caps provide a secure fit and attractive appearance.P

POLYSTIC® buffers

Plastic top buffers that absorb knocks and vibrations. Can be used as a base for small appliances to prevent surfaces from being scratched. The adhesive surface makes them quick and easy to fit. Excellent adhesive properties.

POLYSTIC® stand-offs

With 1/4 turn lock. Safe, secure connections with the correct stand-off distance: used for circuit boards, sheets or panels.

POLYSTIC® quick-release fasteners

Insert and lock in next to no time.

POLYSTIC® push-push fasteners

Durable plastic fastener for flaps and housings. Easy fit. The fastener is opened and closed by applying pressure.

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