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GETO Sider Alu curtainsider kit

Flexible body kits with numerous benefits

Titgemeyer's GETO Sider Alu has vehicle manufacturers and owners convinced

More cargo – Certified – Numerous kit components
The new GETO Sider Alu aluminium curtainsider kit is an extension of the existing range of curtainsider kits which meets the technical demands of bodybuilders and fleet operators alike. It is exceptionally flexible and is easy to install.
The body kit comprises an aluminium front and aluminium rear frame, a GETO Versus roof system, rear portal frames, aluminium sliding pillars as well as other accessories for trucks and trailers.

The design of every component is such that they can be ordered as a complete body kit or as individual parts.

Lashing points approved to DIN EN 12640 are fitted into the front as standard.

Bigger payloads possible

The all-aluminium design of GETO Sider Alu and the resulting reduction in vehicle net weight are particularly beneficial for the haulage industry, which has been looking for toll-free vehicles especially, and this also translates into significantly bigger payloads. With no protruding components to get in the way of the cargo, the vehicle‘s internal volume can be put to full use. GETO Sider Alu can also be fitted out with aluminium dropsid

Features at a glance

  • Weight of components significantly reduced
  • Bigger payloads possible
  • No protruding components in the load area
  • Can also be combined with dropsides
  • Easy to install
  • Very good price-to-performance ratio
  • Lashing points approved to DIN EN 12640 fitted into the front as standard
  • Coordinated range of accessories
  • Can be combined with other standard roof systems
  • Corrosion-proof: all aluminium profiles are powder-primed
  • Certified to DIN EN 12642 Code XL Appendix A for payloads of up to 7,000 kg with Al sliding pillars up to 10,000kg with steel sliding pillars


GETO Sider Frame - The base assembly for vehicles with a maximum gross vehicle weight of between 7.5 and 26 tonnes.


GETO Sider Alu

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