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GETO® Fender underrun protection system

Around 30% lighter – despite the steel

Innovative lightweight construction using high-strength steel

While aluminium was previously the byword for innovative lightweight construction, today’s use of high-strength steel allows us to create products for use in the vehicle building sector that are just as light but also far safer. Osnabrück-based commercial vehicle component specialist TITGEMEYER has launched an innovative new rear underrun protection system, GETO Fender. The GETO Fender underrun protection system. The GETO Fender underrun protection achieves significant weight savings thanks to the use of special heat treatment processes and high-strength steel. Besides being 30% lighter, GETO Fender makes for significantly safer roads. In keeping with the 2006/20/EC Commission Directive amending Council Directive 70/221-EEC, the testing requirements (doubling of proof loads) have been met and have also been recorded by an accredited testing institute.

Legal basis To keep pace with the constant developments and enhancements as well as technical advancements, Council Directive 70/221/EEC has been amended by virtue of Commission Directive 2006/20/EC. The Commission Directive has led to significantly higher proof load requirements. At points P1 and P3, a horizontal force must now be applied which equates to 25% of the technically permissible gross vehicle weight of the vehicle, but no greater than 50 kN. Until now, the tested value was a mere 25 kN.?

Features at a glance

  • Underrun protection system made of high-strength steel – the very latest in technology
  • Lightweight version with very low net weight
  • Optimised design using the Finite Element Method (FEM)
  • Testing and documentation carried out by an accredited institute as specified in the 2006/20/EC Commission Directive amending Council Directive 70/221-EEC)
  • Type approval code: e4*70/221*2006/20*0904*00
  • Multi-functional hole pattern enables universal use of various types of lighting
  • Suitable for longitudinal support centre clearances of 980 – 1300 mm
  • High-grade corrosion protection:  KTL coated, followed by RAL 9010 powder coating
  • Supplied with hole pattern or ready-fitted lights and end caps
  • Weight: only 23.6 kg
  • Underrun with hole pattern:  Part No. 505 556 235
  • Underrun with ready-fitted GETO EasyConn lights:  Part No. 505 566 235

Extensive range of additional accessories

GETO Fender in powder-coated white is available together with black, KTL-coated mounting brackets. This guarantees optimum corrosion protection. The underrun has a universal hole pattern, or can be supplied ready-fitted with GETO EasyConn rear lights, number plate lights and plastic end caps. There is no longer any need to fit marker lights as these are already integrated into the rear-light system and ready-wired. The underrun can also be fitted with additional reversing lights or a rear apron. The rear apron can be supplied ready-printed with the customer’s company logo.  

Mounting brackets


  • Lighter bracket with optimised design
  • With multifunctional hole pattern
  • Length: 625 mm
  • Weight:  approx. 7.9 kg
  • Surface: black, KTL-coated 
  • Part No. 505 510 625

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