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GETO® Megaport II Flush rear doors

GETO Megaport II – The first flush rear door guaranteed to be completely leak-tight

TITGEMEYER's GETO Megaport II flush rear door is the ideal solution for commercial vehicle bodies such as curtainsider kits, body kits or other bodywork with a rear portal frame. The frame sizes have specifically been chosen to allow the doors to be fitted to any curtainsider with a rear portal frame measuring at least 30 mm in width. GETO Megaport II is the first flush rear door on the market that is guaranteed to be completely leak-tight and is therefore the ideal solution for body kits in particular.

And for all those who have something to say:

The high-grade materials and an impeccable look also make for an attractive advertising space. They are not only lightweight but also very stable. Needless to say, the flush rear doors can also be combined with TITGEMEYER body kits.

Around 30% weight savings

By increasing the amount of aluminium used, the door is now around 30 percent lighter than its predecessor. This weight reduction translates into a higher potential payload. At between 30 mm and 60 mm in width, the corner posts allow full use of the aperture width. The GETO Megaport II door frames are made of high-strength aluminium profiles. The door panel consists of 25 mm thick sandwich panels with protective steel sheeting on both sides. Tried-and-tested locking handles below the door have been incorporated into the design.

Certified and extensively tested

GETO Megaport II is approved to DIN EN 12642 Code XL and has been tested extensively with the assistance of the University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück. Pressure tests conducted in accordance with Code XL and with the cooperation of TÜV Nord ensure that these flush rear doors are of a high standard and built to perform.

Features at a glance

  • Every version is customs-approved
  • Door frames made of high-strength aluminium profiles
  • Filler panels made of 25 mm thick sandwich panels with a foam core; galvanised steel skin on the inside, primed coating on the outside
  • Concealed, continuous EPDM rubber tubing seals with moulded corners
  • The lock is located below the door leafs. It vertically centres the doors, while also reinforcing the rear frame
  • Double pivoting hinges are installed individually in the exterior door frame profiles
  • Built-in 250 mm kick strip
  • Significantly reduced weight: 30%
  • Large advertising space due to lack of visible seals
  • Hinges fitted in the direction of travel for enhanced leak tightness, less friction and greater stability


GETO Megaport II

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