Roller grilles

For over 35 years, RIEKO roller grilles have stood for products that permanently fit the requirements in mechanical theft protection.

In various designs at banks, shops, and in private use, RIEKO roller grilles have already proven their effectiveness. Before a break-in is attempted, RIEKO roller grilles send the message that your property is protected. Despite their sturdy and compact design, roller grille systems are incorporated into your overall architectural concept without interfering with the overall design.

Even unusual styles, structural conditions, or special customer requests can be realised with RIEKO roller grilles, such as for customised roof designs or systems tailored to fit in with the façade.

RIEKO roller grilles can be equipped with various motors:

  • Spring shafts for manual operation (for smaller roller grilles)
  • Tubular motors (for smaller, less frequently operated roller grilles)
  • Gear motors (for larger systems and more frequent operation)

Furthermore, special finishes, controllers, and designs of individual components are available. Upon request, these can be adapted to meet your requirements.