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Scissors grille

If you are unable to install roller grilles, roller doors, or roller shutters on your building, or do not want these, then RIEKO lattice grilles are the perfect alternative, in industrial as well as private areas. With high dependability and elegant appearance, RIEKO lattice grilles can be installed either inside or outside.

The possible applications of RIEKO lattice grilles are numerous. Whether windows, doors, basement entrances, or display windows, with a variety of designs and minimum width when pushed together the fixture can be integrated into almost any construction layout - an extra bit of security!

RIEKO lattice grilles are produced exactly to your individual requirements and needs.

RIEKO lattice grilles can be parked in three different ways when open:

  • pushed directly to the side
  • pushed to the side and pivoted 90°
  • pushed to the side and pivoted 180°

In order to guarantee a barrier-free passageway, the grilles can be equipped with collapsible rails.

Available in galvanised steel, powder-coated with RAL colours, or stainless steel.