Titgemeyer Czechia Your partner in Czechia, Slovakia and Eastern Europe

Our Czechia-based subsidiary Titgemeyer CZ has sold and distributed Titgemeyer Group's entire range of services to the Czech and Slovakian markets as well as countries of the former Soviet Union since January 2018.

We advise customers from trade and industry on transport technology and fastening technology products. The transport technology range spans body kits, products for cargo control and chassis components, as well as numerous other components for the commercial vehicle sector. From our fastening technology line, Titgemeyer CZ offers its customers high-performance rivet installation tools as well as a broad range of blind rivets, threaded inserts, push-on fasteners and quick assembly systems. As with every Titgemeyer site, the staff at Titgemeyer CZ also develop bespoke solutions that are perfectly tailored to your individual needs and requirements.

Titgemeyer CZ spol. s r. o.

U Vodárny 1506
39701 Pisek, Czech Republic

T +420 382206725