Efficiency literally in the field. Circlips in agricultural engineering.

Modern-day farming needs to cater to conflicting priorities: conserving resources while improving efficiency. This can only work if powerful, effective and reliable technology is available. Farm machinery manufacturers have plenty in their range to cover this – as we do for them.

Cirteq is outstandingly skilled in the development and manufacture of circlips and retaining rings.
Our products can be found in every major manufacturer's tractor in a wide variety of applications. Power trains, transmission, couplers, or attachments: whatever the part, our sturdy products ensure they're securely fitted whatever the situation.

A broad selection of DIN 471 and DIN 472 certified circlips, DIN 5417 certified retaining rings,
DIN 6799 certified circlips and DIN 988 certified shims and support washers ensures that numerous applications can be fulfilled simply through our standard range. While for more demanding needs, we work hand in hand with you to develop bespoke, custom-built solutions.

Premium quality is another hallmark of what we deliver at Cirteq. We meet and surpass our customers' requirements. When it comes to the residual dirt regulation, for example: on our testing stations, we monitor whether the maximum particle sizes, volumes and weight are within the range of compliance. What's more, we are accredited to IATF 16949:2016, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 and receive exceptional audit results from our customers.

What you can expect from us

  • Extensive, long-term expertise in the farming industry
  • Several thousand high-quality products, all made at our in-house manufacturing facility
  • Custom-built products, including moulds, materials and finishes made to customer specification.
  • Ongoing investment in the refining and further development of our products, processes, quality and sustainability.
  • Supreme quality

Daniel Bauer

  • External Sales Employee