Titgemeyer Tschechien

Our facility in Pisek Production operation: tools, workstations and automation solutions

The facility was established in the Czech town of Albrechtice in 1994 and is today based in Pisek, some 100 kilometres south of Prague. With its 78 employees, Titgemeyer Tools & Automation, former RIVETEC, has been a member of Titgemeyer Group since the year 2000.

Titgemeyer Tools & Automation specialises in developing and manufacturing high-quality hydropneumatic and electrohydraulic rivet tools. Custom-produced automated systems and production lines round off the company's business activities.

Titgemeyer Tools & Automation exports above all, to vehicle manufacturers and their sub-suppliers as well as to mechanical and construction engineering companies.

Titgemeyer Tools & Automation spol s.r.o.

U Vodárny 1506
39701 Písek, Czech Republic

T +420 732 657 298