TIFAS® LockBolt Pin and collar fastening system

TIFAS LockBolt / Schließringbolzen-System Standard

A two-piece high-strength connector for components accessible from both sides. These connectors are absolutely vibration-proof and offer high shear, tensile and clamp strength.

TIFAS® LockBolt HV Large diameter pins and collars

TIFAS LockBolt HV / Schließringbolzen-System

High-strength, pre-stressed HV lockbolts are vibration-proof connectors with constantly high pre-stress that transfer large static and dynamic forces.

TIFAS® LockBolt Multigrip Pins and collars with extended grip range

TIFAS LockBolt / Multigrip Schließringbolzen-System

A fastening system with extra-large grip range for fast vibration-proof connections. The multigrip lockbolt fills the locking ring and breaks off flush.

BOBTAIL® Lockbolt-systems without pintail

BOBTAIL / Schließringbolzen-System ohne Zugteil

Vibration-proof connections with high, constant pre-stress and fast, shock-proof installation steps. No risk of further material waste or corrosion issues following installation.

HUCKTAINER® Plus Lockbolt system for composite materials

HUCKTAINER Plus / Schließringbolzen-System für Verbundwerkstoffe

A fastening system for hard/soft connections. Minimal protrusion both inside and outside. Especially developed particularly for vehicle and container construction, above all for fitting and fastening plywood or similar materials. These pins and collars are guaranteed to be high strength and leak-tight. Their installation is straightforward and noiseless.

BOBTAIL is a registered trademark of Howmet Aerospace Inc.
HUCKTAINER is a registered trademark of Huck International Inc.