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The number one

Our drawer type 1, with light aluminium profiles and a bottom made of a 4 mm aluminium composite panel, is designed for installation in fire-fighting, customer service and assembly vehicles.

The drawers have been further improved and are now designed for a high load of up to 120 kg. Despite their low own weight, they have a very high stability. In addition, the improved running properties of the drawer runners allow faster access to the contents.

The drawers can be planned individually. Three different heights are possible: 111 mm, 222 mm and 333 mm. The maximum dimension is 1,500 mm x 3,000 mm. The drawers are opened and closed as standard with a belt latch with double handle with red push button. On request, the lock can also be supplied with a black push button or with a locking cylinder.

A special feature of the RIEKO drawers is that the runners can withstand extreme horizontal extension up to an inclined position. The design also scores in terms of safety: The rounded plastic corners of the aluminium profiles protect against injuries.

Individual production enables the manufacture of a very high-quality product.

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