SAN - Automatic Riveting System

The SAN name marks the products of the automatic riveting system. SAN is a modular, universal riveting system suitable for fully automated work environments. The system is flexible, allows for the installation of blind rivets and rivet nuts and is industry 4.0 ready.

Why is SAN the best solution for you?

  • Workforce
  • Risk elimination
  • Reduction of reject rate
  • Reduce maintenance
    • Predictive maintenance
    • Quick-replaceble Components
    • Customer service availible
  • Process data recording
    • Quality control of riveted joints
    • Availability of Recorded data (Process Analysis)

What can we offer?

The SAN is designed to meet the needs of the user as accurately as possible. Its modularity gives the customer the opportunity to build his riveting set as well as possible. This system is designed for complete riveting process. The individual modular elements of the entire system take care of the supply and basic sorting of rivets, transportation, charging of the riveting head and the actual riveting into materials. The entire system is driven by hydraulic and pneumatic pressure. The power supply is 24 VDC and communication between the components takes place via Modbus RTU and Ethernet.

Riveting solution

The riveting system SAN is flexible and allows riveting of standard rivets. SAN2 and SAN4 are two new types of these systems, SAN2 is designed for riveting blind rivets and SAN4 for rivet nuts.

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