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Technical Support

We provide to our clients full technical support.
We perform consulting, analysis, implementation and operation & service training.

Contact us, we´ll be please to advice you:

Technical support

We offer our customers advice by phone, e-mail or video call.

Contact and working hours of technical support:

T +420 777 470 637


Monday08:00 - 15:00
Tuesday08:00 - 15:00
Wednesday08:00 - 15:00
Thursday08:00 - 15:00
Friday08:00 - 12:00


Possibility to order the HOTLINE service (24/7 consulting)


1. Mail-order service

Customer sends faulty device along with an order to the company address.

Titgemeyer CZ 
Areál Jitex – budova č. 3
U Vodarny 1506
397 01 Pisek
Czech Republic

Transport costs are covered by customer.

In case that warranty claim is accepted will be service done free of charge
(including consumed spare parts and working hours).

2. External service

Against order we provide external service directly by customer. It’s possible to agree regular service as well. External service is done based on service contract or accepted service offer. 

Service of single purpose machines is is done based on service contract or accepted service offer. 


As part of Titgemeyer's comprehensive services, we offer tailor-made training. We will show you how to properly care for the device, how to diagnose errors in order to eliminate downtime and thus avoid unnecessary economic losses.

Our products:

Training 1: Commissioning

Training for fast and trouble-free commissioning of new equipment. Setting basic parameters and adjustment of a riveting device, exactly for the given application in operation.

Designed for integrators and companies requiring the implementation of TTA tools.

Training 2: Equipment operation

Training in operation and handling equipment. We will teach your employees the correct use of our tools. At the same time, how to properly handle riveting tools and prevent mistakes caused by mishandling.

Suitable training for operators.

Training 3: Equipment maintenance

We will train your staff to handle regular maintenance. Easily prevent errors caused by poor or late maintenance of the device. Based on our experience, we will help you set up a scheduled maintenance system, based on precisely defined rules.

Training suitable for maintenance workers in production line, where is used TTA equipment.

Training 4: Service

Training your maintenance staff for more complex tasks: error analysis and equipment service.

If you require a complete service, you will avoid having to send the tools by transport companies. Individual training, compiled, according to specific customer requirements.

Suitable for companies with continuous production.


Benefits for you:

  • Possibility of training in your company
  • Scheduling according to your needs
  • Focus of lectures according to the professional specialization of the staff
    (operator, technologist, maintenance…)
  • Possibility of individual training, according to your tailor-made requirements


Are you interested in training?

Contact our specialists to send you an offer with a concrete date.

Tool rental

Are you interested in using certain tools, but don't want to buy them because you only need them suddenly? Or you need to maintain continuous production even during the necessary maintenance or service.

Then our tool rental is for you. There is a complete portfolio of our products for rent.

  1. Choose the product you want to borrow
  2. Select the rental date and time
  3. Send a request to

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