Cooperation Titgemeyer + Universal Robots

Production automation is a necessity for many companies. However, these are not always complex lines or production processes. There is a large number of simple applications where it is necessary to easily and quickly adapt the production machine to a new product.

That's why we decided to team up with Universal Robots, a leader in collaborative robots, to give you the ability to easily deploy our blind rivet system, SAN2.

As part of the UR + program, we have prepared for you an easy connection of UR robots and the SAN2 system, including the necessary software for riveting control. 

Advantages of UR + SAN2 connection

  • Increase productivity by robotizing repetitive activities
  • Reduce waste-related costs for reprocessing defective parts, reducing human error
  • Higher quality thanks to the accuracy of the robots and less risk of the operator performing ergonomically bad tasks

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What do I need and how does it work?
A fully automatic SAN2 system and a UR10 or UR16 robot are required. In order for both systems to be able to communicate, all you have to do is connect them to the same LAN network - in the simplest case, you only need one Ethernet cable. Then it is necessary to install the prepared URCap driver for SAN2 into the robot environment. Further, the riveting process is programmed in the same intuitive way as conventional UR robot programs.

Developed URCap provides the easiest way to control riveting and synchronize with robot actions. There are three components - adjustment, charging and riveting. These components then take care of all communication without user intervention. There is no need to program any communication protocols and the user does not need to know deeper technical details about the SAN2 system. In combination with the intuitive control of the UR robot, it is then easy to change the production process and adapt it to a new or modified part.

SAN + UR video assembly                                               

System operation

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