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Paul Watkins-Burke

Sustainability - through and through

Charles Kettering perfectly sums up just how self-evident acting sustainably is in his quote:
"My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there."

In keeping with this logic, we have entrenched sustainability in every aspect of our business operations. Our initiatives are spread across three areas:

Ecological sustainability

Our activities and operations have been environmentally-friendly from the moment that we resided at our location. We owe this to our neighbours and our employees.

As a production facility, it is especially vital that we minimise our carbon footprint.

Through our ISO 14001 certification, we document that our environmental performance can be verified and that it aligns with international standards. But it doesn't stop there: to us, constant improvement is not just a component of the standard but also what really drives us.

Economic sustainability

We are also uncompromising when it comes to economic and ethical factors. It starts with the raw materials that we source conflict-free from local suppliers and ends with our products that exhibit an outstanding eco-balance.

More than anything, however, our business as a whole is geared towards longevity. This can be gleaned from our company heritage but is also apparent in the expansion of our customer relationships, which, in many cases, have existed for decades.

Social sustainability

Social responsibility is one of our uppermost priorities.

In terms of our employees, it goes without saying that we respect labour laws, social standards as well as health and safety. We ensure that they receive a fair, regular income and equal opportunities.

We strive to engage with our community and play our part in sustainable development.

This is something that we also require that our suppliers to do.