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Cirteq Ltd. celebrates its 85th anniversary

Cirteq Ltd. proudly commemorates its 85th year of operation, reflecting on a storied history that commenced in 1939. Originally founded as Anderton Springs in West Yorkshire, UK, the company initially focused solely on the production of technical springs. Throughout the years, Cirteq Ltd. has evolved, expanding its product lineup and developing significant expertise in the manufacture of retaining and snap rings to benefit its clientele today. This venerable institution now designs, creates, and markets an extensive selection of over 4,000 retaining and snap rings, from traditional circlips to bespoke, cutting-edge solutions.

The firm underwent a rebranding to Cirteq Ltd. in 2002 and achieved its first certifications to the automotive standard IATF 16949:2016 in 2018, and to OHSAS ISO 45001:2018 in 2019. As a certified supplier to the automotive sector, general mechanical engineering, and other industries, Cirteq Ltd. strongly emphasises quality across its products, processes, and services.

A frontrunner in sustainability efforts, Cirteq Ltd. is certified under DIN EN ISO 14001. It actively enhances its environmental performance and seeks innovative ways to reduce its environmental footprint.

Employing over 250 staff, Cirteq became a member of the Titgemeyer Group in 2019. In a strategic move in 2020, it merged with the British lock washer expert Baker & Finnemore, also part of the Titgemeyer Group. This merger saw Baker & Finnemore’s entire machinery relocate from Birmingham to Yorkshire. Since then, Cirteq has expanded its production to include a comprehensive range of spring steel lock washers and their processing tools in Glusburn under the Starlock® brand, now available globally.

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